How These Mobility Lifts Can Help Move Your Wheelchair With Ease


When you spend your days in a wheelchair, access to buildings and vehicles can be difficult. You’ll need a variety of lifts to help you reach your destination. From vehicle lifts to those that help you move around the house, you have a wide choice of helper platforms. Here’s what each type can do for you.


Indoor Lifts

Indoor or platform lifts help you gain access to upper floors in homes and businesses. Rather than a ramp or stair lift, a platform lift is like a mini-elevator. They line up against and carry a wheelchair up one wall instead of taking up a lot of space. Simply roll onto the platform, close the gate and the lift will carry you to a higher level on a rail.


Outdoor Lifts

Outdoor lifts are similar to the indoor variety except they don’t have walls to protect the user. They don’t need them because they’re only used to carry the wheelchair up a couple of feet to something like a raised porch or deck. They’re made to replace ramps in small spaces.


Vehicle Lifts

When traveling across town or across the country, you need to easily access your vehicle. Buying a lift can help with this. You can buy one that lifts you up with the chair to a level where you can move to a seat, or even roll your chair directly into a bus or van. There’s also a type of lift that raises just the chair off the ground and locks it to the back of your vehicle for transport. They’re excellent for electric wheelchairs which can be too bulky to store inside your vehicle.


If you use a wheelchair, mobility is important. Using lifts in and outside of your home can help you get around with much more ease. Just look through the types available and pick the lifts that will best make your life smoother.