Should You Choose an Electric or Manual Vehicle Lift for Your Scooter?


When you drive an electric scooter, you need to be able to load it into your vehicle when you leave the house. Whether you’re going to the store or across the country, vehicle lifts can make your scooter more manageable. So, what type of lift should you buy? There are several available in the electric and manual categories. Read on to see which will work best for your lifestyle.


How an Electric Lift Works

There are two types of electric lifts readily available on the market. One is called a boom lift and the other is a drive-on. A boom lift uses a swinging arm to lift your power chair off the ground. It then loads it into the back of your van or truck. Just be sure to choose one that will support the full weight of your chair. Boom vehicle lifts can be installed in your truck’s cargo area, or you can buy one that stands separate from your vehicle. A drive-on lift is a little different. You drive your scooter onto a steel surface which then elevates the chair and places it into the back of your vehicle. It’s quick and simple.


How a Manual Lift Works

Manual lifts are similar to drive-on lifts except they’re operated by hand. They often cost less than their electric counterparts but aren’t as convenient. You must lower the ramp manually then load your power chair onto them. They usually need to attach to a hitch on the back of your van or truck, so be sure the one you buy is compatible with your vehicle. If a steel ramp is too heavy for you to lift, there are aluminum ones available that lighten the load. You also have the option of buying a trailer to pull your scooter behind your vehicle if you have a small car.


Choosing between electric or manual vehicle lifts will probably come down to your mobility and manual strength, as well as your budget. Now that you know how they work, you can choose the best type for your situation.