Supporting Your Free-Range Parents: How Mobility Devices Can Help

One thing adult children and aging parents can generally agree on is that even as they grow older or become disabled, staying out of a care facility is typically a priority. However, that becomes challenging as mobility continues to decline, particularly as risks of falls increase and serious health conditions emerge. A solution that may greatly extend the independence of individuals is using mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs, depending on the senior’s or disabled person’s particular need.


The electric wheelchair is very similar in many ways to the manual wheelchair in appearance; however, the electric device is battery powered, and it is equipped for indoor and outdoor use. It typically offers a tight turn radius, so it is usually quite useful in a household environment. It is normally padded for comfort, which means that individuals who want to come and go don’t have to worry about asking for help to get in and out of the wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs offer different features depending on the needs of the consumer, so it is best to consult a mobility equipment expert to learn more. An informed supplier will be able to advise you about electric wheelchairs versus mobility scooters and provide you with a free pricing quote.


There are, of course, many individuals these days who opt for scooters. These mobility devices have become quite advanced and are able to move quickly, with traveling speeds from 4 to 8 miles an hour. They are battery-operated and frequently have back-up power available, which is ideal for those who like to attend activities outside the house. Mobile scooters are usually able to travel over uneven surfaces, even over curbs, which means that active individuals have no reason to change their routines.


Many people tend to assume that electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are out of their price range. However, after consulting with a mobility equipment expert, they generally find that these options are surprisingly affordable and the most practical solution to their problems.