The Benefits and Features of Stair Lift Systems


Senior citizens and other people with personal accessibility concerns sometimes cannot use stairs safely or easily. Stairs can be a site of serious accidents, including slips, trips, and falls. Many different issues can make stairs an unsafe feature of a home; everything from poor vision to nerve degeneration can cause people to experience difficulty when using the stairs. Stair lifts are a convenient and beneficial solution to this problem. Not only are stair lift systems easy to use and highly dependable, they open up access to all the space a home has to offer. A lift makes it possible to experience the fullness of independent living.


There are many other important benefits to these helpful systems. They are very simple to operate and include only a few controls – a button conveying the chair up, one conveying it down, and sometimes a stop button. Many of today’s chair lift systems include a wireless control panel so it can be used comfortably in any position. This is a great feature for people who might struggle to hold a large, clumsy control panel connected to the chair itself by a cord. All the buttons are clearly labeled, a real bonus for people with low vision. Finally, many stair lift systems have a battery backup that can be used in case there is a power outage that impacts the chair’s function.


Stair lifts are designed to be very safe. They have a built-in obstruction sensor that alerts the rider to an obstacle in the way of the chair. This helps prevent bumps along the way up or down the stairs. Some people are concerned that the chair itself will be too bulky for convenience; in this case, they will be pleased to know that many lift systems feature chairs that fold neatly out of the way. This way everyone can use the stairs without difficulty.


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