Why Lifts are The Solution for Your Needs

chair lift

Dealing with a mobility issue can be hard enough without having to worry about accessibility. Now there are a variety of lift solutions to help those with a mobility challenge continue to enjoy the access and freedom they need in their own home. From stair lifts to platform or wheelchair lifts that can work both indoors and outside, there are a variety of solutions available.

Mobility Up and Down Stairs

A stair lift can fit along the side of any staircase including a spiral or curved style along with the traditional straight form. They take up limited space and are often considered to be an affordable solution. The user simply sits in the seat which is designed to travel up or down a rail in the direction the user wishes to go.

Vertical Solutions

Modern platform lifts, often referred to as a wheelchair lift are an affordable vertical solution and can be designed to fit a variety of needs. They can fit any building structure without taking away from its style, and fit well where it would be difficult to build a ramp. These work by providing a platform which the user can rest on which is then lifted or lowered to the desired level.


Vehicle Solutions

There are a variety of lift solutions available to help with mobility in and out of a vehicle. These can vary depending on the vehicle type and whether the user is looking for one to mount in the vehicle or be used to lift from the outside. It’s best to consult a professional to discover which model is best suited for the user’s particular needs.

With the right stair lifts in place you meeting the needs of yourself or a loved one mobility issues can be less of a challenge. Talk with a professional about all the options available and choose the design that’s right for you. A lift can help you get where you want to go.