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As with so many other advances in accessibility devices, vehicle lift technology has come a long way. More than ever before, there are affordable options that will help you streamline the process of getting to wherever it is that you need to be. As a local dealer representative for Bruno vehicle lifts, Liberty Wheels can help you determine the best Vehicle Lift configuration for your unique vehicle/mobility device combination.

Handicap van with a wheelchair lift in the up position
Handicap van with a wheelchair lift in the up position

Whether you require a single-post lift, double-post lift, under-vehicle lift, or a side- or rear-entry wheelchair ramp, Liberty Wheels will take the time to find out about your specific traveling habits and requirements, and use that knowledge to help you to determine which mobility lift will work best.

Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Wheelchair Platform Lifts are highly effective, yet basic in design. Simply maneuver your wheelchair onto the platform and press a button to raise it off the ground. Depending on the weight of the wheelchair and the type of vehicle, a platform lift can be used to secure the wheelchair for transport either inside or outside of the vehicle.

Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts

There are many variables to be considered when deciding on the scooter or wheelchair lift that will provide the best solution for your needs. For example, a lift can be installed for use through the side passenger doors or through the doors opening to the rear cargo area, and there are specific lifts that are best for one or the other.

Depending on the combined weight of the wheelchair or scooter and the user, there are both-single and double-post lifts available. There are even lifts that can be mounted under the vehicle and completely out of the way. This type of lift allows you to retain full use of the available riding and storage space in your vehicle, and also keeps all the entrances clear for safe and easy access.

Wheelchair Ramps

A wheelchair ramp is the simplest and most straightforward device on the market for enabling you to get in and out of your vehicle with minimal time and effort. It's also one of the most budget-friendly. Here again, Liberty Wheels can present you with all the facts you will need to select a Wheelchair Ramp that will work the best for your needs.

Although ramps are relatively simple devices, there are still quite a number of design options and features to take into account. Ramps can be configured specifically for either side-entry or rear-entry, and can also be operated automatically or manually.

We look forward to helping you decide on a Vehicle Lift that will make it more of a pleasure (and less of a chore) to get wherever you need to be, with comfort, convenience and ease.

Request a Quote on Vehicle Lifts and Ramps

Liberty Wheels would be pleased to provide you with a preliminary quote on the wheelchair lift or ramp configuration that will best suit both your vehicle type and your personal requirements. Please send an email to info@libertywheels.net to find out how we can help you minimize the effort it takes to get from A to B. If you'd prefer to call, the number to speak with a Liberty Wheels representative is number is 267-765-1530.